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Appetizers Trays

Taquitos (50) Crispy, rolled corn tortillas w/ beef or chicken, comes w/ toppings a pint of guacamole, crema and salsa. $75

Mini-Quesadillas (20) 6” Flour tortillas w/ melted jack cheese. $30 with beef or chicken: $50

Jalapenitos (30) These mild, slightly crispy bite-sized poppers are filled w/ cream cheese. $30

Sopes (28) Bite-sized, corn patties with beans, cheese green sauce and salsa fresca. $49 with shredded beef or chicken. $63



(Minimum quantity 10)

Garden Salad Mixed greens, lettuce , cabagge, jicama, cucumber, carrots with house dressing (red vinaigrette style) on side. $2.50 ea

Ensalada de Verano This colorful salad is made with mango, yellow corn, black beans, tomatoes & cheese. Dressing on the side. $4.00 ea With grilled steak or chicken $6


Especialidades Trays

(rice and beans not included) A half tray Serves about 7-10. A full tray serves 15-20 people when ordered with side dishes such as beans, rice or salad

Mole Poblano Half $65 Full $120 Put simply we make the best Mole in the area: homemade with over 30 ingredients

Cochinita Pibil Half $65 Full $120 A Mayan dish. pork slowly braised in banana leaves, fresh fruit juices, herbs and achiote, a special spice made from the red seed of the Annatto tree.

Pipian Half $65 Full $120 Pork in green mole has a wonderful tangy and nutty flavor with balanced spiciness. Made with pumpkin seeds, fresh chiles, tomatillo and cilantro Plato Ranchero H $65 F $120 Strips of seasoned grilled steak, chicken or vegetarian in a mild tomato base sauce slow simmered with potatoes & mild peppers.

Chile Nogada {Veggie} (12 per tray) $70 A roasted pasilla pepper filled with vegetables, fruits and nuts, topped with a sweet sherry wine cream, sprinkled with fresh pomegranate seeds and crushed pecans

Chiles Rellenos (9) A mild roasted pasilla pepper stuffed with cheese, dipped in batter & topped with mild red sauce $50

Tamales (12 per tray) Red (mild) or green (tangy) sauce $35Shredded Chicken, Shredded Beef or Grilled Veggies $42

Enchiladas (18 per tray) Red (mild) or green (tangy) sauce.  Cheese Enchiladas $55 Shredded Chicken, Beef or Veggies $65

Mole Enchiladas (18 per tray) Cheese Enchiladas $65, Shredded Chicken, Shredded Beef $75


Lunch Buffet Style

Price per person/item (minimum 10)

Fajita Bar $14 Marinated strips of seasoned steak, grilled chicken or sautéed veggies. Serve with two flour tortillas rice refried beans. Toppings: pico de gallo, guacamole and crema Shrimp add $2

Street Style Taco Bar $13 Three 4-inch tacos with rice, beans chips & salsa Choice of up to three meats Carne Asada, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Oaxaca, Pork Pastor, Pork Pibil, Pork Carnitas Topped with onions, cilantro, salsa and jalapenos.

Burrito Bowl $12 Choice of carne asada (Steak), grilled chicken, vegetables, carnitas pork, pastor pork, pork pibil, chicken fajitas or beef fajitas Includes: Rice, beans, lettuce, cheese, jalapenos, pico de gallo, corn, sour cream, and guacamole

Super burritos $11 (Wrap individually in foil) Choice of Steak, grilled chicken, vegetables, carnitas pork, pastor pork, beef fajitas, chicken fajitas Includes: Rice, beans, lettuce, cheese, jalapenos, pico de gallo, corn, sour cream, and guacamole


Sides and Extras

A pint serves approx. 4 people Half Tray = 5 pints or 80 oz

Grilled Veggies $8 pint  / $35 half tray / $70 full tray

Spanish Rice $6 pint  / $25 half tray / $50 full tray

Refried Beans $6 pint  / $25  half tray / $50 full tray

Black Beans $8 pint  / $35  half tray / $70 full tray


A pint serves 4-6 people

Guacamole $10 pint  / half tray $40 / $80 full tray

Salsa Fresca $8 pint  / half tray $35 / $70 full tray

Crema $7 pint   $30  half tray / $60 full tray

Jack Cheese $7 pint   /  $30 half tray / $70 full tray

Chips and Sauce (per person) $1.75



Coconut Flan (12) $36

Churros filled with Bavarian Cream (30) $30


Sodas, Bottled Water and Iced Tea $1.75 ea.

Mexican Coke and Jarritos $3

Delicious and natural Aguas Frescas (Fresh Fruit Beverages) served in large jars: Jamaica (hibiscus), Horchata (sweet cinnamon rice), $2.50 ea. (16 Oz) Lime, Watermelon, Melon, Pineapple $3.00 ea. (16 Oz)

Fresh-squeezed lime margarita $6

Homemade Sangria $5

Mexican Cervezas $3.50


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